What's in your Indian takeaway?

Eating a typical Indian takeaway meal of a starter, main course and pilau rice can contain far more calories than an adult's total daily requirements. The research by Ulster University is the latest in the Nutrition Takeout Series by safefood looking at popular takeaway foods and helping consumers to make more informed choices when eating.

The survey analysed 280 Indian food samples from 36 outlets across the island of Ireland and found:

  • Major differences in the portion size of starters sold, with a five-fold difference among Onion Bhajis and an eight-fold difference in portions of Chicken Pakoras.
  • The average portion of rice contained enough for two people and an average portion of Pilau Rice contained almost 500 calories.
  • Salt levels were considerably high; on average, all starter dishes contained one third of an adult’s total GDA for salt.
  • All main courses tested contained more than half of an adults’ total guideline daily amount of salt (6g).
  • An average portion of Peshwari Naan bread contained significantly more energy, total and saturated fat than plain naan; some samples had as much as 168% of an adults total guideline daily amount for saturated fat.
  • Less than 10% of outlets provided healthier options for their Indian takeaway service

One in five adults report ordering Indian takeaway food recently while one in three people say they order a full main size portion for themselves (safetrak/Millward Brown 2013). Consumers don;t need to avoid these takeaway foods, but rather consider consuming them less often and in moderation, by either choosing smaller portions, sharing portions or limiting the added extras such as starters and side orders.

Posted: 17/11/2015 10:11:15 by Laura Keaver


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