Health Survey Northern Ireland 2014/15

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety have published the 2014/15 Health Survey for Northern Ireland. The survey included questions relating to general health, mental health and wellbeing, diet and nutrition, breastfeeding, oral health, obesity, smoking, medicines and sexual health. Some of the key findings are included below:

  • A quarter of adults (25%) were obese with a further 35% classified as overweight. The proportion of adults classed as overweight or obese (60%) has remained relatively constant since 2005/06.
  • Around three-quarters of children aged 2-15 were classed as either normal weight or underweight, while 21% were classed as overweight and 7% classed as obese. The proportion of children classified as either overweight or obese (28%) has not changed since 2005/6.
  • Over a third of respondents (36%) reported eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This is an increase from 33% in the 2013/14 survey. Females continue to be more likely (40%) to meet the guidelines than males (30%).
  • Around one-fifth of respondents (22%) were current smokers. Smoking prevalence in the most deprived areas (36%) was three times that in the least deprived areas (12%).
Posted: 19/11/2015 08:44:00 by Laura Keaver


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