Excess weight causes nearly 4% of new cancers a year worldwide

Global figures have shown that nearly four in every 100 new cancers in adults each year are attributable to high body mass index (BMI).

28/11/2014   by Laura Keaver  

New guidelines for the management of obesity

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have released new guidelines regarding the management of obesity in children, young people and adults.

28/11/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Children exposed to large quantity of unhealthy food ads per year

Pre-school children as young as three are being presented with more than 700 television adverts for unhealthy food each year in Northern Ireland and over 1,000 in the Republic of Ireland.

25/11/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Health Survey Northern Ireland 2013/14 Report

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) today published the findings of its Health Survey Northern Ireland 2013/14 Report.

20/11/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Weight linked to prostate cancer for the first time

Today, World Cancer Research Fund International has launched a new report which has found strong evidence that being overweight or obese increases the risk of advanced prostate cancer. 

20/11/2014   by Laura Keaver  

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