The relevance of health-related claims.

Nowadays more and more food labels have nutrition and health information that gives us useful knowledge about the food we buy. Nutrition and health claims on food packages can be divided into nutrition claims which refer to the presence of a nutritionally beneficial compound for example ‘low fat’ or ‘high fibre’, and health claims which can be either generic health claims or disease risk reduction claims.

New research has found that the 'relevance' of a health-related claim is an important motivational factor for the perceived benefit of and the willingness to buy foods with health claims. For example those who are directly affected by diabetes or where it is strongly relevant to them are more likely to perceive products with claims as healthy and beneficial and would buy those products. Read more about this research on the EUFIC website.

Posted: 01/11/2012 12:17:22 by Emily Kelleher


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