The economic cost of obesity

Findings from new safefood funded research into the cost of overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland has estimated the annual cost to be €1.64 billion euros (€1.13billion Republic of Ireland; €510 million Northern Ireland). The study, conducted by University College Cork (UCC) found that in the Republic of Ireland, 35% of total costs (€398 million) represented direct healthcare costs i.e. hospital in-patient; out-patient; GP and drug costs. However, two thirds (65%) of the economic costs were indirect costs in reduced or lost productivity and absenteeism and amounted to €728 million. 
In total, 18 weight-related diseases were studied and the main drivers of direct healthcare costs are cardiac disease (44%), type 2 diabetes (9%), colorectal cancer (12%), stroke (6%) and cancers of the breast (2%), kidney (3%) oesophagus (2%) and gallbladder (3%). Low back pain is a major driver for work absenteeism and productivity loss. 
Read the executive summary on the safefood website.

Posted: 28/11/2012 14:07:52 by Emily Kelleher


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