Food Poverty on the increase?

Rising food prices and shrinking incomes are driving up consumption of fatty foods, reducing the amount of fruit and vegetables we buy, particularly for people on the lowest incomes.
Recent market research which analysed the grocery buying habits of approximately 30,000 UK households, shows that consumption of fat, sugar and saturates has increased since 2010, particularly among the poorest households, despite the overall volume of food bought remaining almost static. The rising price of food meant the least well-off consumers focused their increasingly stretched food budgets on frozen and processed products at the expense of fresh fish, meat and fruit. Read more on the Guardian Website.

Healthy Food for All (HFfA) is an all-island initiative seeking to combat food poverty by promoting access, availability and affordability of healthy food for low-income groups. Read more on the HFfA website.

Read more about
food poverty on the safefood website.

Posted: 21/11/2012 14:03:54 by Emily Kelleher


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