How do local governments use planning systems to regulate hot food takeaway outlets?

Researchers in the UK conducted a census of English local government areas to locate planning policies regulating takeaway food outlets.

Researchers reviewed planning policies using content analysis and developed a typology. The typology of approaches presented two focus points: “Place” with five targeted locations within the local government area and “Strategy” with four categories.

The main findings of the report included:

  • From 325 local government areas, 17 did not have a planning policy related to takeaway food outlets and 144 had non-specific policies.
  • 50.5% local government areas had a policy specifically targeting takeaway food outlets, of which 34.1% were focused on health.
  • The most common health-focused approach was exclusion zones around places for children and families.


Posted: 15/05/2019 09:54:43 by Deirdre Brennan
Filed under: Government, Takeaway


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