Association of Sugary Beverage Consumption with Mortality Risk in US Adults

Research carried out in the US to assess the association of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and 100% fruit juices, alone and in combinations (sugary beverages), with mortality. It found that higher consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juice, is associated with and increased risk of mortality. The association with 100% fruit juice was previously unknown.

This study is a secondary analysis of data from the REGARDS (Reasons for Geographical and Racial Differences in Stroke) study. The REGARDS study was designed to examine modifiers of stroke risk in a national sample of non-Hispanic black and white adults.

The main findings included:

  • Each additional 12-oz serving/d of sugary beverages was associated with an 11% higher all- cause mortality risk.
  • Each additional 12-oz serving/d of fruit juice was associated with a 24% higher all-cause mortality risk.

In conclusion, the results of this study suggest that higher consumption of sugary beverages, including sugar-sweetened sodas, soft drinks and fruit drinks as well as naturally sweet fruit juices, is associated with increased all-cause mortality among older US adults.

Posted: 28/05/2019 12:46:41 by Deirdre Brennan
Filed under: All-cause mortality, Fruit juices, Sugar-sweetened beverages, Sugary drinks


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