Weight loss classes for treating obesity

Offering overweight and obese individuals 12 months of weight loss classes could prevent thousands of cases of obesity-related diseases.

Research included participants aged 18 or older with a body mass index of 28kg/m2 or higher. Participants were recruited from 23 primary care practices in England. Participants were then randomised to one of three interventions:

  1. Brief intervention: Given a self-help weight management booklet.
  2. Referral to a weight loss programme for 12 weeks*.
  3. Referral to a weight loss programme for 52 weeks.

Participants had their anthropometric measurements taken at the beginning of the trial, at 3, 12 and 24 months.

People who were referred to the 52-week weight loss programme experienced the greatest weight loss at 1 year. At 1 year mean weight loss was 3.26kg for the brief intervention, 4.75kg for the 12-week programme and 6.76kg for the 52-week programme. The 52-week programme was significantly more effective than the 12-week programme. This difference remained at the 24-month follow up. The 52-week programme was associated with larger reductions in waist circumference and fat mass compared with the other interventions.

* The current practice in England is to refer individuals with obesity to a 12 week weight management programme.

Posted: 08/05/2017 10:28:58 by Anne Parle
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