Food skills and diet

Researchers have found that individuals with better food preparation skills had a lower consumption of processed foods.

Data was taken from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (2008 – 2009) in the United Kingdom. 509 adults were included in the analysis. Food preparation skills were assessed through questions on the following skills and behaviours:

  • Confidence using 8 cooking techniques
  • Confidence cooking 10 foods
  • Ability to prepare cake or biscuits with no help
  • Frequency of preparing main meals

Consumption of processed foods was measured using a four-day estimated food diary. Researchers examined consumption of ultra-processed foods. Ultra-processed foods are industrially processed and usually high in sugar, fat and salt. Examples of these foods include breads, biscuits, cakes, processed meats and pre-prepared vegetables dishes.

The study found that being confident in cooking 10 foods, being able to bake cakes or biscuits and cooking a main meal at least 5 days a week was associated with consuming lower amounts of processed foods.

Research carried out by safefood found similar results. Those who had greater perceived cooking skills reported eating less saturated fat.

For tips on preparing and cooking foods take a look at our cooking skills videos.

Posted: 26/05/2017 08:33:38 by Anne Parle
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