11.5% of households experiencing food poverty in Ireland

This week the Department of Social Protection published the Social Inclusion Monitor 2015. The report presents the progress towards the national social target for poverty reduction in the Republic of Ireland.

The report draws its findings from the Survey on Income and Living Conditions and from Eurostat. Food poverty is one of a number of indicators of social inclusion.

The monitor reports an improvement in the level of food poverty in 2015. Food poverty was experienced by 11.5% of the population in 2015. This is a reduction in the percentage of the population experiencing food poverty compared with 2014 in which time 13.1% of the population experienced food poverty.

To learn more about food poverty take a look at the Cost of a Healthy Food Basket.

Food poverty is the inability to have an adequate and nutritious diet due to issues of affordability or accessibility. It is measured by the percentage of individuals experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Unable to afford a meal with meat, or vegetarian equivalent, every second day;
  • Unable to afford a weekly roast dinner (or vegetarian equivalent); and
  • Missing one substantial meal in the last fortnight due to lack of money.


Posted: 30/05/2017 08:55:42 by Anne Parle
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