The importance of a family meal

Results from a recent study conducted by researchers in the University of Edinburgh suggest that meal habits and meal enjoyment have a significant effect on the dietary quality of the child. These relationships held true across differences in gender, education of the mother, employment status and/or household composition.
While eating together with their parents or not was not a significant predictor for the quality of the children’s diet other findings indicate that higher quality diets were more present among children with a regular meal schedule, who were reported to have enjoyable and talkative meal times. Location of the meal, i.e. rooms traditionally linked with eating (e.g. kitchen, dining room) also had a positive impact on the dietary quality of the child.

For more information on why why family meals are so important visit the safefood website.

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Posted: 31/05/2013 12:45:43 by Emily Kelleher


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