Halting obesity rates now could save £940 million in dementia care in the future

The results from a recent study presented at the European Congress on Obesity suggest that the rise in obesity could lead to an increase in the prevalence of dementia. The researchers, from the UK Heart Forum, looked at the effect on dementia if the present rising trend in prevalence of obesity continues. 

They found that if obesity rates stayed the same or increased to 46% of men and 31% of women by 2050, which has been predicted by some groups, the prevalence of dementia could increase by an estimated 5-7% in over 65 year olds. Study authors also predicted that £940 million could be saved in dementia care if the rise in obesity rates was halted and BMI levels remained at 2010 levels.

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Posted: 14/05/2013 10:01:39 by Emily Kelleher


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