The effect of labelling food as ‘low in salt’

New research published in Public Health Nutrition has looked at the effect of front-of-pack labels  on people’s taste perception and use of table salt for currently available and sodium-reduced soups. The study involved 50 participants and they were served nine soups over 3 days.For all types of soups, more participants added salt when the soup carried the reduced salt label compared to when the same soup carried either the health logo or no label.

The authors conclude that emphasising salt reduction using front-of-pack labelling can have a negative effect on taste perception and salt use. Health logos that do not emphasise a reduction in salt are better to indicate the healthfulness of sodium reduced products. Read more about this study in Public Health Nutrition. Read more about cutting down salt in your diet.

Posted: 21/05/2012 16:12:06 by Barbara Whelan


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