Survey finds poor awareness of cancer risk factors

A survey conducted at University College Cork in conjunction with Breakthrough Cancer Research and the Irish Cancer Society has found poor awareness of cancer risk factors among Irish people. The survey of 748 respondents found that 80% of people are concerned about developing cancer.

33% were aware that obesity is a risk factor for cancer and 33% did not think the location of fat on the body is important for cancer prevention. 86% identified the correct waist circumference is 32 inches for women and 80% correctly identified 37 inches for men.

39% believe the only purpose of fat in the body is to insulate and protect the organs, 72% are unaware that excess fat can cause inflammation, and 57% are unaware that fat cells can secrete substances that cause cancer.

Further information about the research is available on the Breakthrough Cancer Research website.

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Posted: 31/05/2012 11:36:47 by Barbara Whelan


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