Prolonged Bottle Use and Obesity in Childhood Link

A new research report ‘Prolonged Bottle Use and Obesity at 5.5 Years of Age in US Children’ used recent data from a cohort study of US children born in 2001 to examine the association between bottle use at 24 months of age and obesity at 5.5 years of age.

The study found there was a positive association with children who were using a bottle at 24 months of age and having a BMI ≥95th percentile at 5.5 years of age. Children who were using the bottle at 24 months were 30% more likely to be obese at 5.5 years old (6 years old) than those who weren’t. Prolonged bottle use may lead to excess calorie intake for children, particularly when parents are using the bottle to comfort the child rather than address the child’s hunger or nutritional needs.

The authors concluded that avoiding bottle feeding after the child’s first birthday is unlikely to cause harm and may prevent obesity along with other health problems

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Posted: 06/05/2011 14:41:17 by Christine Connolly


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