Dietary sodium in adults in England 2014

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey assessment of dietary sodium in adults aged 19 to 64 years in England, 2014 was  published by Public Health England this morning.

22/03/2016   by Laura Keaver  

New Eatwell Guide for the UK

Public Health England have released new Eatwell Guidelines for 2016.

21/03/2016   by Laura Keaver  

Giving allergenic foods to infants from three months old may prevent allergies

A major new study has found that introducing allergenic foods to the infant diet from three months of age may be effective in food allergy prevention.

09/03/2016   by Laura Keaver  

Vegan diet can reduce prostate cancer risk by 35%

Men who follow a vegan diet based on vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits may have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer according to research funded by the World Cancer Research Fund.

04/03/2016   by Laura Keaver  

A whole-of-society approach for a healthier canada

An extensive study conducted by the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology in Canada has developed a report outlining a route to a leaner, healthier future.

04/03/2016   by Laura Keaver  

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