Small, practical steps are best way of maintaining a healthy weight

Latest NICE guidance published in March 2015 advises that by taking small practical steps such as walking more, limiting TV and other screen time, eating more healthily, avoiding sugary drinks and drinking less alcohol we can help maintain a healthy weight or prevent excess weight gain.

Overall the guidance recommends that by being physically active and eating a diet based on food and drinks with a lower energy density, people can help avoid gaining weight with age. The guideline also encourages people to watch no more than 2 hours of TV a day and to be more physically active by reducing sedentary behaviour to increase the amount of energy they use. Energy-dense food and drinks should be reduced and a diet that is mainly based on vegetables, fruits, beans and pulses, wholegrains and fish should be followed.

In an aim to tackle the significant public health problem of obesity, the guideline is aimed at all those who provide information to help different population groups maintain a healthy weight or prevent excess weight gain, and supports existing NICE guidelines.

The recommendations aim to:

  • encourage people to make changes in line with existing advice
  • encourage people to develop physical activity and dietary habits that will help them maintain a healthy weight and prevent excess weight gain
  • further advice for parents and carers of children and young people
  • encourage adults to limit the amount of alcohol they drink
  • encourage people to monitor their own weight and associated behaviours
  • promote the clear communication of benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and making gradual changes to physical activity and diet
  • ensure messages are tailored to specific groups
  • ensure activities are integrated with the local strategic approach to obesity.
Posted: 30/03/2015 09:25:17 by Victoria O'Dwyer


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