Red meat consumption and mortality

New research of two prospective studies in the United States has looked at the diets and health of over 121,000 men and women over periods of up to 28 years, assessing their diets every four years and following the development of any heart problems or cancer. The research published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that regularly eating red meat, in particular processed meat, was associated with a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely. The research supports current recommendations of swapping processed meats for leaner cuts of unprocessed meat.

The research found that each 85g daily serving of unprocessed red meat  was associated with a 13% increase in early death, while one daily serving of processed meat  was associated with a 20% increased risk. The researchers estimated that 9.3% of early deaths in men and 7.6% in women in the study could have been prevented if all the participants had consumed fewer than 0.5 servings a day (about 42g a day) of red meat. Substitution of fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, low fat dairy products and whole grains for red meat was associated with a significantly lower risk of death. Check Archives of Internal Medicine for further information.

Posted: 14/03/2012 12:35:05 by Barbara Whelan


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