Growing up in Ireland - How Families Matter for Social and Emotional Outcomes of 9-Year-Old Children

Growing Up in Ireland – The National Longitudinal Study of Children have published a new report from the study on how families matter for children’s social and emotional well-being. The findings are based on data from the first round of interviews with 8,500 nine-year-old children as well as interviews with their parents, teachers and principals.

The findings showed that the majority of nine-year-olds are developing well without any significant social, emotional or behavioural problems. Approximately 15% - 20% of children were classified as showing significant levels of emotional or behaviour problems. Girls were more likely than boys to have problems of an emotional nature (like feeling anxious or sad) while boys were more likely than girls to have problems of a behavioural nature (like fighting with others or being hyperactive). In general, boys display more difficulties overall.

Further information about the study is available on the Growing Up in Ireland website.

Posted: 08/03/2012 11:53:22 by Barbara Whelan


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