Association of lifestyle factors with physical activity levels in pregnancy

A study was carried out in Cork to investigate the link between age, diet, lifestyle factors and physical activity level in early pregnancy.

27/06/2019   by Niall Grieve  

The nutritional value of children's menus in chain restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland

A study was conducted by researchers in the UK and Ireland to investigate the nutritional quality of children's menus in 20 popular chain restaurants.

13/06/2019   by Deirdre Brennan  

The impact of a complex workplace dietary intervention on Irish employees' off-duty dietary intakes

A study was conducted by researchers in the Republic of Ireland on making changes to the food available in workplace canteens in combination with an education programme, and looked at the impact on diet at work and outside of work.

06/06/2019   by Deirdre Brennan  

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