Plant-based diet and obesity risk

Research carried out in Spain suggests a plant-based diet may be associated with a significantly lower risk of obesity.

The study was presented at the recent European Congress on Obesity in Portugal. Researchers used data on 16,181 individuals from the SUN (Seguimiento University of Navarra) cohort. Participants were followed from 1999 until 2016.

Diet was assessed at baseline and body mass index (BMI) was measured approximately 10 years later. Each individual’s diet was given a score (pro-vegetarian index). Plant foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, olive oil, legumes and potatoes) received positive scores and animal foods (animal fats, dairy, eggs, meat, fish/seafood) received negative scores.

Researchers found that the pro-vegetarian index was inversely associated with incidence of obesity. Individuals who followed a plant-based diet had a significantly lower risk of obesity.

Fruit, vegetables and salad should make up the largest part of our diet. They occupy the largest shelf on the Food Pyramid and the largest section of the Eatwell Guide. For tips on achieving your 5-a-day take a look at our fruit and vegetable infographics.


Posted: 08/06/2017 11:04:00 by Anne Parle
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