Parents unaware of the calories their children need from restaurant meals

A recent survey from the United States suggests that parents are unaware of how many calories their children should eat in restaurants.

Researchers conducted an online survey of 1,207 parents of 5-12 year old children. Parents were asked how many calories a typical child aged 5-12 years old should eat when having lunch or dinner at a restaurant (including main dish, sides and drinks) within a range of 0-2000kcal. Parents were then asked how confident they were with their answer.

Answers were categorised as underestimation (<400kcal), accurate (400-600kcal) and overestimation (>600kcal).

The average estimate of children’s recommended calorie intake from restaurant meals was 631kcal. One third of parents accurately estimated the calorie recommendation. 33.3% of parents underestimated and 31.8% of parents overestimated the recommended calorie intake for children from restaurant meals. Parent’s confidence in their answers was low. Lower accuracy was observed among older parents, parents with lower incomes, urban parents and parents who eat at a restaurant with their child at least once per week.

Posted: 12/06/2017 10:10:26 by Anne Parle
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