Cost of a Healthy Food Basket (Northern Ireland)

Results from a pilot in Northern Ireland looking at the cost of healthy food basket have just been released. The consumer-led research is the first time a cost has been put on a healthy food basket for two of the biggest household types in Northern Ireland: a family of two adults and two children, and a pensioner living on their own.

Low income households in Northern Ireland need to spend at least one third (⅓) of their take home income in order to purchase a basket of healthy food. The cost of a healthy food basket for a pensioner living on their own is £59 per week, while for a family of four – two adults and two children - is £119 per week.

This research was carried out by safefood in partnership with the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.

Posted: 22/06/2015 11:42:20 by Laura Keaver


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