The working poor

Today Social Justice Ireland published their policy briefing on 'Poverty and Income Distribution (PDF, 2.3MB)'. Supporting material is available to download from the Social Justice website. The most recent data on poverty shows that:

  • 16% of Ireland’s adults, who have an income below the poverty line, are employed – these are the working poor.
  • Numbers living in poverty have increased by 120,000 since beginning of the recession.
  • Almost one in five children live in households with incomes below the poverty line.
  • Most weekly social assistance rates paid to single people are €14.21 below the poverty line.

Food poverty is a complex issue with no single cause and it is an integral part of experiencing poverty. Defined as the inability to access a nutritionally adequate diet, food poverty is a significant issue for many people on the island of Ireland. With other stakeholders on the island, safefood is addressing the issue of food poverty through advocacy, building the evidence base and supporting community initiatives.

Posted: 30/06/2014 12:23:25 by Victoria O'Dwyer


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