Sugar Reduction paper

Public Health England (PHE) has just published its 'Sugar Reduction: Responding to the Challenge' paper.  

A draft version was used to inform stakeholder meetings held in June 2014 with representatives from food manufacturers, retailers, food service companies, public health organisations, charities and public interest organisations, the research community and government.

This paper was produced following on from a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation that intakes of free sugars should contribute to no more than 10% of energy. Based on limited evidence, it further proposed that a target intake of below 5% energy (or 6 teaspoons a day) would offer further health benefits.

This paper maps out some options for action which could help to reduce intakes of free sugars in the UK. The options have been organised into six potential themes for action: produce less, use less, sell less, market less, recommend less and eat less.


Posted: 26/06/2014 15:45:13 by Laura Keaver


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