Increasing red meat consumption over time is associated with an elevated subsequent risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Pan et al., studied long-term health data from three cohorts that included over 26,300 men participating in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study; more than 48,700 women in the Nurses’ Health Study; and slightly over 74,000 women from the Nurses’ Health Study II.

All the participants reported on their eating habits through food questionnaires, including their red-meat intake every four years for an average of 20 years of follow-up. During that time, 7,540 people developed Type 2 diabetes. And within each cohort, those who ate more red meat as the study progressed showed higher rates of diabetes than those whose consumption didn’t change.

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Read the science in JAMA Internal Medicine.


Posted: 19/06/2013 15:01:41 by Emily Kelleher


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