Reducing portion size, packaging and tableware shown to reduce the amount we eat.

Prof Theresa Marteau presented findings from The Cochrane Review on portion sizes at safefood’s recent All-island Obesity Action Forum event.

The study included 72 randomised controlled trials with at least two groups of participants. Each group was presented with a different size portion, package or tableware.

The key finding of the report was the effect that portion, packaging and table ware size has on consumption. Participants who were presented with smaller size portions ate noticeable less calories than those who were presented with bigger size portions. Results showed on average a 16% reduction in calories consumed by adults and an 8.5% reduction in calories consumed by children.

Reducing the appeal to these larger sized portions and packages could have a long term effect on reducing the quantities of food that people select and consume.

For more information on healthy serving sizes take a look at our infographic.

Posted: 03/07/2018 10:19:00 by Sinead Hurley
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