New strategies to halve childhood obesity by 2030

The UK government have announced the second part of their childhood obesity plan which aims to reduce childhood obesity by half by 2030. This follows on from the first part of the childhood obesity: a plan for action published in 2016.

The most recent action plan aims to build on the 2016 plan and take action in areas where progress has not been delivered.The plan will focus on the following areas and aims to:

Sugar reduction

  • Review sugary milk drinks exclusion from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Discuss introducing legislation to end the sale of energy drinks to children
  • Consider further use of the tax system to promote healthy food

Calorie reduction:

  • Discuss introducing mandatory calorie labelling on food eaten outside the home in restaurants, cafes and takeaways
  • Explore additional opportunities for food labelling

Advertising and Promotions

  • Discuss introducing a 9pm limit on TV and online advertising promoting foods high in fat, salt and sugar
  • Discuss introducing legislation which bans price promotions on unhealthy foods and which bans the sale of unhealthy foods at checkouts, store entrances and end of aisles

Local areas

  • Develop a programme with local authorities to show what works in different communities and what can be achieved
  • Develop resources and provide guidance and training to help local authorities create a healthy food environment
  • Continue to implement the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)
  • Provide health care professionals with training to enable them to support families in reducing obesity including a digital weight management service


  • Update School Food Standards and provide guidance to caterers and schools
  • Invest £1.6 million to encourage cycling and walking to school
  • Encourage all primary schools to develop an active mile initiative such as the Daily Mile
  • Review how the most inactive children are being involved in exercise during school hours
  • Discuss improving Government Buying Standards for Food and Catering Services so that they reflect the latest dietary guidelines
  • Discuss using Healthy Start vouchers to support children from lower income families

For more information of how you can help your family make healthy changes check out our START campaign.

Posted: 02/07/2018 15:11:55 by Sinead Hurley
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