New recommendations for tackling obesity published in the Republic of Ireland

A new Joint Committee on Education and Skills report aimed at countering childhood obesity was released this month.

The ‘‘‘Report on tackling of obesity and the promotion of healthy eating in schools’’ aims to highlight parental involvement in tackling obesity and also suggests measures schools can take to highlight healthy eating and physical activities among students. The focus of the committee was to produce a report with practical recommendations that could be incorporated into the government’s plans for tackling childhood obesity.

Some of the recommendations made include;

  • break times need to be targeted to promote increased activity in children
  • students have access to free fresh drinking water;
  • children are taught cookery skills, nutrition etc. from a young age as part of the core curriculum
  • a balanced approached be taken when addressing the issue of obesity that also promotes  healthy body image for children
  • digital marketing by the food and drink industries aimed at children is regulated appropriately and an outright ban on the advertising of fast-food and other unhealthy foods and drinks in school grounds be introduced
  • an outright ban on vending machines which dispense unhealthy foods and drinks in schools

For more information on how parents can get more involved in healthy eating see the safefood START campaign.

Posted: 18/07/2018 09:40:17 by Sinead Hurley
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