Cost of unhealthy diets and low physical activity

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have released a framework for assessing the cost of the economic burden of an unhealthy diet and low physical activity levels.

Unhealthy diets and low physical activity contribute to chronic disease which in turn has economic costs for health care and society as a whole. The report includes a review of existing evidence on the economic burden and proposes a framework for assessing costs in the future.

The review found that unhealthy diets and low physical activity predict higher health care expenditure, but estimates vary greatly between studies. Using insights from previous studies researchers developed the framework. It follows a disease-based approach, which accounts for the natural progression of disease and includes the direct and indirect cost of disease including absenteeism.

For more information on the framework take a look at the WHO report.

Posted: 17/07/2017 09:15:41 by Anne Parle
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