Healthy diets save lives

The World Health Organisation has released an infographic looking at how many of the 53 WHO member countries in Europe are achieving nutrition goals.

17/07/2015   by Laura Keaver  

Carbohydrate and health

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (UK) have released new recommendations on carbohydrates and health.

17/07/2015   by Laura Keaver  

Food for thought

The British Medical Association have released a report setting out the measures needed to help promote healthier diets among children and young people.

16/07/2015   by Laura Keaver  

A Fitter Future for All 2015-2019

Outcomes for the period 2015-2019 to support implementation of A Fitter Future for All 2012-2022, the strategy for preventing and addressing overweight and obesity in Northern Ireland, were released recently.

16/07/2015   by Laura Keaver  

U.S. children not getting enough hydration

More than half of all children and adolescents in the U.S. are not getting enough hydration

15/07/2015   by Laura Keaver  

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