Eggcellent news!

Headlines in todays news have stated that 'todays’ eggs are better for us than those from the 1980s'. New research funded by the Department of Health (UK) has found that today’s eggs have 70% more vitamin D and double the amount of selenium than those from 30 years ago. Today’s eggs also contain around 20% less fat, more than 20% less saturated fat, around 13% fewer calories and more than 10% less cholesterol than previous surveys suggested.

An average medium egg now contains 66 calories (compared to the previous figure of 78 calories) and an average large egg 77 calories (previously 91 calories).

Further information about the research is available from the British Egg Information Service website. Current healthy eating guidelines recommend limiting egg consumption to 7 eggs a week. Read more about eggs here.

Posted: 19/07/2012 14:46:54 by Barbara Whelan


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