New EU Food Labelling Rules

New EU food labelling rules were approved by MEPs yesterday. Further information is available from the European Parliament website. Concern has been expressed that Front of pack labelling has not been made mandatory -  see press releases by The Irish Heart Foundation and British Heart Foundation.
The European parliament has agreed:

  • Mandatory back-of-pack labelling for energy, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugar and salt expressed per 100g/ml and per portion
  • Voluntary front-of-pack labelling for energy (calories), or for energy as well as fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Energy has to expressed per 100g/ml and may also be expressed per portion. Fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar has to be expressed per portion.


Posted: 07/07/2011 14:23:11 by Christine Connolly


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