Pre-mixed spirits and cocktails high in sugar and calories

Action on Sugar highlighted this week that pre-mixed spirits and cocktails:

  • Can contain up to nine teaspoons of sugar in a single 250ml can
  • Have been exempt from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Nine out of 10 of them have no on-pack nutritional information

They surveyed 202 “ready to drink” alcoholic beverages available in-store and online. Independent lab analysis was required by Action on Sugar to reveal the sugar and calorie contents of these products as only 41% of these products had some form of nutrition information on pack and only 9% had “sugar” information on pack.

Experts warn that sugary alcoholic drinks can contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver damage and tooth decay as people are unknowingly drinking large amounts of sugar and calories.

WHO recommends1 that no more than 5% of your total energy should come from free sugars.


1” Guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children” World Health Organisation (WHO) 2015

Posted: 21/01/2020 16:15:01 by Caitriona Breaw
Filed under: Alcohol, Drinks, Labelling, Sugar, Sugar tax


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