Planetary health diet

The EAT Lancet commission released findings from a study which proposes a “planetary health diet”, i.e. a diet best for human health and the planet. The goal of the study was to find a diet suitable to feed nearly 10 million people by 2050 that would be sustainable and healthy.

The diet includes key factors such as;

  • Reduction in consumption of dairy and meat products
  • Around half of diet should consist of fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts and legumes are an important protein source
  • On average 40g of unsaturated oils such as olive oil can be consumed daily
  • Foods with added sugars should be limited

For more information on a healthy diet take a look at the Eatwell Guide and the Food Pyramid.

Posted: 17/01/2019 13:59:31 by Joanna Gallagher
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