Saturated fatty acids and coronary heart disease

A study published in the British Medical Journal has added to evidence that saturated fat intake is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Researchers investigated the effect of individual saturated fatty acids on risk of coronary heart disease using data from two large cohort studies. The study included 73147 women from the Nurse’s Health Study and 42635 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

Dietary intake was assessed using food frequency questionnaires. Incidence of coronary heart disease was self-reported by participants and confirmed through medical records where permission was obtained.

Intake of the individual saturated fatty acids – lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid was found to be positively associated with risk of coronary heart disease. Replacement of 1% of the daily energy from these saturated fatty acids with equivalent energy from polyunsaturated fat, whole grain carbohydrates or plant proteins was associated with a 6-8% reduced risk of coronary heart disease.


Posted: 03/01/2017 14:28:47 by Anne Parle
Filed under: Carbohydrates, Fat, Heart disease, Saturated fat


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