Let's boot out excess sugar, babies are sweet enough already

The European Parliament has halted the European Commission’s plan to allow baby food to contained up to three times more sugar than is recommended by the World Health Organization. 

29/01/2016   by Laura Keaver  

Ending childhood obesity

The Commission on Ending Childhood obesity presented its final report to the World Health Organization today. The report looks to address the high levels of childhood obesity and overweight globally.

27/01/2016   by Laura Keaver  

Ireland’s first ever National Physical Activity Plan is launched

The Government has today launched Ireland's first ever national Physical Activity Plan which aims to get at least half a million more Irish people taking regular exercise within ten years.

14/01/2016   by Laura Keaver  

Are Americans meeting their dietary guidelines?

New dietary guidelines for America were recently released prompting the U.S. Department of Agriculture to look at the most recent nutrition surveys available to determine what extent the guidelines have been adhered to in recent years.

14/01/2016   by Laura Keaver  

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