Scientific opinion on diet replacement products

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have released a scientific opinion on the necessary content of total diet replacement products for weight loss. These products are specially formulated products which when used as instucted by the manufacturer replace all of the daily diet.

These products need ot be safe when consumed as a sole source of nutriiton for several weeks or months by overweight or obese adults. They are not intended for use by normal weight adults, infants, children, adolescents, pregnant or lactating women or the elderly. They are also not suitable for overweight or obese individuals with medical conditions.

EFSA recommend that these products contain a minimum of 600kcals per day as well as 75g protein, 30g carbohydrate, addequate fat and meet the minimum requirements for micronutrients.


Posted: 27/01/2015 12:26:42 by Laura Keaver


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