Improving young diets: new report on weaning

UNICEF has released a new report on improving young children’s diets during the complementary feeding period. The complementary feeding period, also known as weaning, is when a child is introduced to solid food gradually alongside breastfeeding/bottle feeding.

21/02/2020   by Caitriona Breaw  

Fewer drinks meeting sugar levy thresholds

A new study measures the impact of the United Kingdom Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) on price, product size, number of soft drinks on the marketplace, and the proportion of drinks over the lower levy threshold of 5g sugar per 100ml.

18/02/2020   by Caitriona Breaw  

Chile's package of policies: A before and after study

New research looking at sugar-sweetened beverage purchases pre and post implementation of new food labelling and advertising laws in Chile to tackle obesity. These laws include marketing restrictions, banned sales in schools, and the first national mandatory front-of-package (FOP) warning-label system.

13/02/2020   by Caitriona Breaw  

Meat in the European diet

A new paper from researchers in University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology presents an overview of dietary guidelines relating to meat consumption in Europe.

12/02/2020   by Caitriona Breaw  

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