Growing up in Ireland – infant cohort

The Economic and Social Research Institute have published the latest findings from the Growing up in Ireland, national longitudinal study which focused on the five year old infant cohort.

The main findings from the study include:

  • 20% of children were an unhealthy weight; 15% were overweight and 5% obese.
  • Children in families with both parents classified as overweight were at a greater risk of being overweight themselves; 28% were overweight compared with 8% of those in families where neither parent was overweight.
  • Of those in the cohort who enjoyed active games when they were three years old, 55% now play ball and 56% ride a bike every day at the age of five. Comparing to those who preferred inactive games, 37% now play ball and 42% ride a bike every day aged five, suggesting children develop a preference for physical activity at an early age.
  • Of those who were overweight or obese aged three, 50% and 24% respectively were classified as non-overweight aged five.

Take a look at the START campaign for ways to help tackle childhood obesity in the home.

Posted: 22/02/2019 14:13:24 by Joanna Gallagher
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