Reduced consumption of sugary drinks in Mexico due to tax

In Mexico, a tax on sugar sweetened beverages was introduced in January 1, 2014 and a previous study found a 6% reduction in purchases of taxed beverages in 2014. In a new study, purchases of taxed beverages decreased by 7.6% in 2014 and 2015. Households at the lowest socioeconomic level had the largest decreases in purchases of taxed beverages in both years.

Store purchase data for 6,645 Mexican households from January 2012 to December 2015 was analysed. Changes in purchases of taxed and untaxed beverages in the study period were estimated using two models, which compared 2014 and 2015 purchases with predicted (counterfactual) purchases based on trends in 2012–13.

Findings from Mexico may encourage other countries to use fiscal policies to reduce consumption of unhealthy beverages along with other interventions to reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Posted: 27/02/2017 16:14:30 by Niamh Dowling
Filed under: Sugary drinks, tax


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