Too much sugar can lead to heart disease

Researchers from the U.S. have found that people who consume higher levels of added sugar are at increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

A link was found between the amount of added sugar a person consumes and their odds of suffering a heart attack. The researchers found a person was three times as likely to suffer a heart attack if they got a quarter (25%) of their daily calories from added sugar which can be found in fizzy drinks or chocolate. They also discovered that regular consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, defined as seven or more servings per week, was also associated with increased risk of dying from CVD.

While this research shows an association between sugar and CVD, it cannot say that sugar causes cardiovascular disease. Rather than focusing on a single nutrient both the Department of Health in Ireland and Public Health England in the UK recommend aiming for a balanced diet paired with physical activity rather than focussing on a single nutrient. Currently Irish adults consume 12% of their calories from treat foods. Added sugar can mean extra calories which leads to weight gain so try to keep consumption of treat foods and sugar sweetened beverages to a minimum rather than a daily occurrence.  

Posted: 07/02/2014 13:05:33 by Laura Keaver


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