Wine not so good for the heart after all?

It has long been thought that moderate wine consumption was good for the heart. However, new research has found that this may not be the case if a person is overweight or obese.
Researchers from Curtin University’s Public Health Advocacy Institute in Perth, revisited data from the Framingham Heart Study and found the protective effect held for slim men, but not for those with a Body Mass Index above 27.5. An index of 26 to 30 is considered overweight.
"In effect, the standard advice about a small amount of alcohol being good for the heart doesn't stack up for overweight men," explains Dr Lobstein, lead researcher.

More research is needed to ascertain whether there are similar effects for women.

Read abstract on the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

Posted: 10/12/2012 11:05:26 by Emily Kelleher


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