The uptake of new recreation infrastructure by inactive adults

A longitudinal study in Australia examined the uptake and usage of the newly established Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre (PARC), by inactive adults. 

549 physically inactive adults were recruited before the opening of PARC and followed up 12 months later to measure how often they attended the centre and the purposes and barriers to use.

Researchers found that over the 12 months: 8.7% of the sampled residents used PARC once per month or more, 17.5% attended less than once per month, and 73.8% did not use the Centre. Researchers also found that the main purpose for using the PARC was for lap swimming and the major barriers were cost of transport and cost of entry.

The study concluded that while the opening of the PARC was considered an investment towards physical activity in population, regular use by inactive people was seen to be low. Reducing barriers like cost and transport could improve this.


Posted: 08/08/2019 14:33:28 by Deirdre Brennan
Filed under: adults, exercise, inactivity, recreation infrastructure


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