New Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) Recommendations on saturated fats

SACN released a report considering the relationship between saturated fats, health outcomes and risk factors for non-communicable (chronic) diseases such as Diabetes in the UK

Key findings include:

  • The mean intakes of saturate fats in the UK remained above UK recommendations of 10% of energy intake. For example adults aged 19 to 64 consumed 11.9% of energy from saturated fats.
  • Main dietary sources of saturated fats include cereals and cereal products such as biscuits, buns and pastries, milk and milk products such as cheese and meat and meat products.
  • A reduction in saturated fats reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), lowers total cholesterol and improves indicators of glycaemic control.

SACN recommends:

  • Government recommendations for saturated fats remain unchanged at 10% of dietary energy intake for adults and children aged 5 or older.
  • Saturated fats are replaced with unsaturated options where possible
Posted: 23/08/2019 09:00:09 by Niall Grieve
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