Factors influencing employees' eating behaviours in an office-based workplace

Researchers in the UK conducted a systematic review to identify the factors influencing employee’s eating behaviours within an office-based workplace.

23 studies were selected for inclusion; 3 focused on consumption of snacks at work, 8 on eating behaviours and habits at lunchtime, 11 measured eating behaviours throughout the day and 1 measured behaviours around workplace dinner. Eating behaviours consisted of: type of food the individual chose to eat, how much they ate, when they ate and if they ate alone or with others.

Findings revealed a number of factors influence an individual’s eating behaviours at work, including:

  • Job role (pressure within work environment, opportunity to eat, work facilitated meals and work stress)
  • Workplace food environment (availability of healthy versus unhealthy foods in workplace, food and eating facilities, provision of nutritional information and cost of healthy options)
  • Social aspects of the workplace.

The office workplace is a unique microenvironment where people spend most of their time and consume most of their calories. This review demonstrated several factors that can have a positive and negative impact on eating behaviours within office‐based workplaces and may help to identify potential targets for intervention.

Posted: 28/08/2019 15:56:04 by Deirdre Brennan
Filed under: eating behaviours, employees, office-based, workplace


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