WHO - New technologies to tackle digital marketing of alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy foods aimed at

A group of experts and stakeholders from all over Europe pointed at the role of new technology in responding to this emerging issue.

22/08/2018   by Joana Caldeira Fernandes da Silva  

Carbohydrates and mortality

For many people who have tried to lose weight a low carbohydrate diet is a popular approach.

21/08/2018   by Marian O’Reilly  

15 to 24 year olds more likely to use fast food delivery services

An increased number of Irish people are using fast food delivery services once a month or more says the latest data.

14/08/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

Study suggests that obesity alone does not pose higher risk of mortality

Earlier this month a study titled ‘Individuals with obesity but no other metabolic risk factors are not at significantly elevated all‐cause mortality risk in men and women’ was published online in Clinical Obesity.

10/08/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

Review of the Perinatal Mortality in Ireland Annual Report

The National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC) recently released the Perinatal Mortality in Ireland Annual Report 2016.

09/08/2018   by Joanna Gallagher  

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