Intervention tackling adolescent obesity

new report looks at the outcomes of The Australian Capital Territory "It’s your Move!" (ACT IYM) intervention carried out between 2012 and 2014. This intervention targeted students aged 12 to 16 years. It aimed to tackle obesity through promoting healthier nutrition and physical activity at school. Activities included traffic light colour coding on canteen food, availability of healthy foods in schools and at school events and cooking classes for students and their families.

Three schools took part in the project and the impacts were compared to three schools who carried on as normal without any intervention.

Main findings following the intervention included:

  • No significant effect on body weight measures
  • No significant change in fruit and vegetable, soft-drink, cordial and snack food consumption were observed between intervention and comparison groups
  • No change in transport to and from school and lunch time activity levels
  • The proportion of adolescents in the intervention group participating in physical activity at recess was greater (58.7%) compared to those in the comparison group (53.7%)
  • The proportion of adolescents in the intervention group watching less than the recommended two hours of total screen time decreased whilst the proportion of adolescents in the comparison group that met this recommendation decreased
  • Awareness of school healthy eating programmes increased significantly in the intervention group

Overall the ACT IYM project has received some success in physical activity and screen time. However no significant changes between intervention and comparison schools were identified in other areas of the project.

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Posted: 16/08/2017 14:40:24 by Sarah Cassidy
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