Beneficial effect of chocolate on stroke risk

Eating a standard chocolate bar every week could lower a man’s risk of having a stroke in later life by 17%.

31/08/2012   by Barbara Whelan  

Antibiotics and increased weight gain

New research from the United States (US) has added to the theory that antibiotics can disrupt people’s gut bacteria causing them to put on weight.

28/08/2012   by Barbara Whelan  

Obesity and cognition

New research links obesity to declining mental performance. The study published in the journal Neurology, looked at over 6,000 people over a decade.

28/08/2012   by Barbara Whelan  

Obese children and gallstone risk

Obese children are over seven times more likely than those of healthy weight to be diagnosed with gallstones.

28/08/2012   by Barbara Whelan  

Belly fat and risk of heart disease

Normal weight people who carry weight around their belly have a greater risk of dying than people who are obese.

28/08/2012   by Barbara Whelan  

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